02/16/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Let go of your life to become one with all life.

Sat Nam




02/16/2017 Tratakam

What can your life be

If you are not looking at me?


What is life

If you are not with me


Life is a chance

Life is a gift


To be free

Within confinement


You must believe

That you are more


Than you imagine

Yourself to be


You are unlimited

You are without words


You are everywhere

You are nowhere


All the time

Without the existence of time


You are with me

As I am with you


We dance

We sing


We know more

Than you allow to be



Allow yourself to be


Radiating the life

That I intended to be


I am your heart

I am your life


I believe

That you can be



Within this confinement


I believe

In you


In your heart

In your courage


To live a life

Without nothing


You are alive

Within every being


Give them

As I give to you


My love

My light


You can give

You can be



For everyone


If you remain

Within my thoughts


Within my Word

You are to be


With me

As my creation



Deeply listen


Lose yourself

Lose your identity


To become free

As you have always been


You are creating

As we are speaking


A world of love

A world of light


A world that will give



Of my love

Of my existence


My life

Is your life


Create as me

Because you already do


Believe in your vibration

In your projection


Create that which you know

Will create love for all


Those of the aware

Create simultaneously


Be aware

Of your connection


To the rhythm

Of the world


Create the vibration

That you wish to receive


Receive me

With an open heart



Until you can only give more


My love

Is for all



To me


What I give

Is for all


Your strength

Is your ability to share


Your humility

Gives you courage


To believe

To trust


In my Truth

In my Word





I am the Light

I am the darkness


I am



I am your



That you wish for

That you long for


I hear your heart

Call to me


I am there

Inside your heart


Filling you

With my love



Sat Nam