02/20/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Close your eyes.  Relax.  See everything though Soul’s eyes.

Sat Nam



02/20/2017 Tratakam

What do you need

If you have me


Do you need love

Do you need lust


Do you need your worries

Do you need your questions


If you have been blessed

With me in your heart


All you need

Is trust


That I commit

To loving you


It is a small thing

It is a great thing


To love

As I do


What do you believe in

What do you choose


If I am all

Then all are none


I am what is good

I am what is bad


I give you all

All experiences


You can create

You can destroy


With a simple word

With one small thought



Is gone to see


I am your love

I am your life


Will you hide

From me


When what I give

Is taken by me


What can you do

If I do



Trust what I do


The life of you

Is more than you see



Trust in my life


It has purpose

It has meaning


Return to me

Use my breath


To keep you

With me


I am the Light

I am your Soul


I am your life

I give you life


You are alive

You are safe


When you breathe

Consciously with me


Let the world go

Walk with me


Let attachments go

Be free with me


If your heart leads

Then you are with me


Your heart is me

Your heart gives openly


When you trust

When you believe


In a life

That is full


Of Light

Of Love


Of grace

Of humility


What life has purpose

Without my breath



As I give to you



To be with me



Sat Nam