02/21/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen, and your heart will hear everything.

Sat Nam



02/21/2017 Tratakam

What you speak

What you think


Will create

Your reality


What is to be

Is up to me


If you believe

That I create all


Believe that you

Exist as I do


Do you exist

Do you know


How much

You create as I do


You exist

Breathe deeply


With each breath

That I deliver to you


You exist

You create


With each thought

With each step


What have you done

Do you even know


What you speak

Creates for all


I am you

You are me


You are not limited

You are free


If you live



You are not grand

As I am not small


You are not small

As I am not grand


You exist

As I do





Without shape

Without form


You are alive

You live as I do


You behave

As you choose to


Do you breathe

Do you walk


With me in your heart


Are you responsible

Are you aware


That all that you do

Effects all


In the air

On the ground


Your voice

Your steps



They create


Create consciously

I request of you


To walk with me

In all that you do


You are the one

That lives with the One


In your heart

Where you run to


Free your heart

We will never be apart


You run inside

To keep me to you


Free your self

Free my existence


You hide yourself

As you hide me from all


Open your heart

You are safe with me


Your heart is for all

Your heart is me


In true form

You experience all


See past the disguise

That keeps them apart


Open your heart

To free all


Open your heart

For all to be as you


You exist

Your vibration is real


When you hide

You create what is not real


Close your heart’s cage

To keep us apart


Running to me

Is running away from me


I am always with you

I am always your heart


When you close your heart

You create separation


When you close your heart

You create pain


What you run to

Is what makes you run








To be with me

Is to free all


To be with me

Is to be open permanently


In this space

This beautifully created space


Of pure love

Of pure Light


That is your heart

That is me


Exist as I do



That you exist

As I do


Welcome your ability

To create


Love your ability

To create love


Exist openly

Exist to be aware


That I am your love

I am your heart


I am your ability

To create


I am your vibration

I am your creation


Every vibration

Through you



As you do



Sat Nam