02/22/2017 Kirtan Kriya

To understand is to let go of thoughts and listen to Soul.

Sat Nam



02/22/2017 Tratakam


Is love


You must love




Open heartedly


Love is not controlled

Love is not fashioned


To be what

You want it to be


How do I love

I give you all


That you never long for

But only what you need


Have reverence

For what I give


Is everything

That is for you


Relax in your mind

To give your heart


You will not be

Put in a cage


If you love all

You will be free


To love freely

To love openly


Is to love



What your love can give

Is simply me


Will keep me

Away from some


How can it be

That you would do such a thing


Give me to all

Radiate me to all


If they are given

They will receive


Would you not love

For some to receive me



You know it is true


That if all

Spoke to me


This world

Would only be love


How can you know

A world with only love


Without knowing me

In unlimited form


Open your heart

To what needs to grow


Nourish all

With my Light


Allow me

To help them to grow



As I generate



As I organize



As I deliver


With a pure heart

With purity


With your innocence

That fills you with grace


Let go

Of your mind’s fears


Of what others

Do not know


Give them



All opportunities

All forms


A world

With only me


In all hearts

In all tears


I exist

For eternity


As the doves

Sit quietly together


I am with you

Holding you close



I will be yours


I give you



To fly



With me

On your breath


With my Word

On your tongue


All you need

To do


Is remember

That I am with you


I will be

All for All


As I fly

Alongside you


What you see

Is what I see


What you love

Fills me with love


I have given

Now give to me


Pure love

Pure neutrality


To love

As I love


Give me your love

That you give to all


Fill me

With respect for all


Hold me

With your compassion for all



So that I may give


Humble yourself

To my prayer


That all

Will love all



Sat Nam