02/23/Kirtan Kriya

As Soul, life will be unlimited.

Sat Nam



02/23/2017 Tratakam


Breathe with me


I am patient

I am free


I am everything

That you want to be


I am everything

That you don’t see


I can live



I can live

With commitment


Can you be



Can you be



To live each day

In remembrance of me


How quickly

Your mind can flee


To thoughts

Not of me


Discipline yourself

That is not up to me


I give you breath

Breathe consciously


There you are

With me now


This is your home

This is your identity


Your Truth

Is my Truth


Just as now

As you live with me


In your heart

In your mind


On your thoughts

On your tongue



Of me


Walk with me

With every word


Step with me

To create the world


Each step

Each word


A life with me

Is endlessly



With so many things


Too many words

To explain


A world without words

Is a world of me


My life

Is everything



Can contain me


Choose your day

Will it be me


Enter this space

With a full heart


Because you are filled

With the Light I give



That which is already there


I have given

To all


How many have received

How many acknowledge me


Your hunger

Should only be of my glance


Your thirst

Of my Word


Let all else go

Let all go freely


To be as they are

To be as existence


Let go of confining

Everything into a description


You are to live



You are to give others



Be the day

That I choose


Be the life

That I give to you


Be my breath

That fills your Soul


With everything

To be alive


To live



Sat Nam