02/24/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love is God’s gift.  God’s love is Soul.

Sat Nam


02/24/2017 Tratakam

Believe what you see

When you see me



What I ask you to feel



What I bring to you


You are to be



In all that I give

To you to be


My plan

Is only for me to know


Be relaxed

In this present moment


I am with you

Filling you with life


What else do you need

To trust that I love you


You can feel

As I can feel


All that exists

Without anything real


When you see

Me in front of you



What I have given you


A chance to see

A chance to feel


My existence

In the eyes of one


Just one set of eyes

Will help you to see all


Is this a miracle

How can something so grand


Be for you

Be what I give to you


Your love for me

Is in all


Accept what you feel

As what I give to you


You are to receive

I command you to


As all receive

So do you


I am in all

I am in you


I give all everything

You receive nothing



I choose you to


Receive now

As you have been told


Your only voice

Is my voice


Your only words

Are my Words


That you hear

That you speak


You believe

In all


Play with the universe

The One you love so


Is in everything

As you already know


As you dance

Others will feel


How beautiful

Life can be


An innocent love

That all can feel


So beautiful

So pure


With no questions

With no doubts


I am everything

That is real to you


The rest is a show

That I display for you


How you receive

Is how you must grow


Your heart is filled

Smile with me


You have seen

My Light


You have felt

My hand


You have delivered

Yourself to me


You have grown

Into your own


Because you have given

Your life to me


In all that you do

And wherever you go


All you do

Is experience me



You choose to see



In front of you



Sat Nam