02/25/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Relax and believe that Soul is with you.

Sat Nam



02/25/2017 Tratakam

What will you do

When you believe


In everything

That is not true


You live in fear

You live in worry


That I

Will leave you


You believe

That I am not there


When there is something

That is troubling you


I am always there

Just as now


I give you

What you need


To experience life

As I need to see


You are strong

You are brave



That what I request


Is not a test

It is a gift for me


To experience

What I need


To eliminate



To move

What is stuck


To create

Love where there is hate


This is your mission

This is the life


That I give to you

If you believe


That your grace

Will carry you through



That I gift upon you


To face

With a smile


On your face

In your heart


Remain with me

Remain with my love


I have given you

All that you need


To stay with me

When all else leave


I am with you

As I am with you now


Stay here

Within my presence



As I give you life


You will receive



As I intended

You will live


How you choose

Is up to you



Or question



Or be disillusioned


My love is present

For eternity


My love for you

Will never change


Believe that you

Are my child


Believe that you

Receive my blessing


With every gift

That I give to you


Bring love closer

To my heart


Create my vibration

In every situation


Remain neutral

When others challenge you


Let all words

Be eliminated from you


Only allow

My Word to penetrate you


You are stronger

Than you will ever know


I fill you

With my Light


If you trust

That this is so


Then you will realize

That you are full


Of divine presence

Of divine protection


Nothing can affect you

Nothing can change you


You are residing

Within my heart


Nothing can you reach you

Nothing can change you


You are my heart

You are my breath


You are here

To live as I do



Sat Nam