02/26/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Accept all that is in front of you as God.

Sat Nam


02/26/2017 Tratakam

Let go

Of what you don’t understand



What you think you can’t


Give me

To all



Listen to me


I understand

I see everything



In me


Look into my eyes

Not into the nonsense


You are here

To see me


What disturbs you

Is when you don’t see me


Change it

See me



And see me


I am in all

Find me


I will keep

You in grace


If you see me

In all before you


Their words

Their actions


May never be



But you have the ability

To fly with me


I give you wings

Don’t feel grounded



Fly with me


Fly with the ones

That have wings too


You will remain

With all


But you must fly

With me by your side


Relax your being

Relax your mind


Keep me near

Within your heart


You will run

You will fly


If you believe

That I want you to


You are not caged

You are not burdened


You are here

To serve all


Humble yourself

To my gift


Give to all

Deliver me


In your acceptance

All will receive


Let your identity go

Let your desires go


You will fly

With me


If you believe

That I want you to


Sing for me

Sing of my love


I give to you

What can fill all


With love

With purity


As innocently as a child thinks

You believe in my Word


It is true

You feel my Truth


There are no words

To explain me


I am a smile

I am a song


I am everything

That makes you bow


I love you so

You are my heart


What troubles you

Is what needs to be healed


You can heal

You can develop


Into a new reality

That the whole world will feel


Let go of fear

Let go of mistrust


All that is real

Is me


Let all else go

Be with me


Walk with me

With each breath


Place each footstep

In the one that I give you


Receive my love

As I fill you


With my Light

With my Truth


Your Trust in me

Is my love for all



Sat Nam