02/28/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Have reverence for Soul, the One that is inside you.

Sat Nam



02/28/2017 Tratakam


Are you there


To share

Your life with me


Are you there

To comfort me


Are you there

To take me home


Of course I am

I always am


I am with you

Feel me now


Your home

Is with me


You are always



Feel the rhythm

That is inside you


It is me

As you are me


Connect to the Light

That I fill you with


Connect to your breath

That I give to you


There I am

Right in front of you


Carry me

As I carry you


Your love

Is all that I need


What do you need

To feel that it is true


Your mind

Makes you far from me


I give you



I place it

Right in front of you



Why don’t you believe


That love

Is for you


You are allowed

To accept love


Fill your heart

With what I give


You can be

So full everyday


If you choose

To believe



Believe in love


Focus on you

Loving you


Love yourself

As I love you



How I feel


When you choose

To feel lost from you


Find your love

Within you


Love yourself

With this love


If your heart is open

Then it is open to all


Including you

You must love you



Side by side


What you love most

And you


Learn to love

Both equally


Until you do

Your love is not true


Everything that you love

Love yourself equally


I love you

As I love all





You are loved

Believe it is true


Open your heart

To you


Side by side

You and your love


Hold its hand

To walk with me


As you do

As you love you


A new world

Will open to you


You love me

Now you must love you


One last step

And you will be free


Free to be

Free to be with me


With every breath

With every smile


You will live with me

For all to see


That you now love you

As much as you love me



Sat Nam