03/01/2017 Kirtan Kriya

All there is, is love.  All there is, is One Soul.  As you speak, speak to then entire world.

Sat Nam


03/01/2017 Tratakam


Give to give


Never give

To see more


See now

What there is


In front of you

Is me


I am to receive

Give to me


Every person

Every thing


Give to me

Serve me


I am in all

I am everything



When you are with me


When I shout

Soothe me with graceful words


When I cry

Comfort me


Do not judge me

When I doubt


Be the strength

That I seek in my heart


I am perfect

And all are imperfect


I am all

I am imperfect


With each encounter

You will feel challenged


That I am not perfect

When I am in human form


Perfectly imperfect

That is how I choose to be


Do you see me

When I struggle


Do you see me

When I laugh at you


See my imperfections



What you see

Is me


In human form

In human disgrace


For not being perfect

For not being me


I am all

How can I be only one


I am each one

As I am the One


You love

Now love openly


What you receive

Send love


Be my grace

Be my compassion


Be my understanding

Be my lasting impression


Be what is perfect

Be my true form


Give to others

What they need


They need neutrality

They need purity


They need grace

They need compassion



And bow


To the ones

That live as my imperfect self


Their words

Are not my Truth


Their words

Are my imperfect self


See me

In every imperfection


Help me

As I need to grow


I am a seed

Just as I have planted all


Be tender with me

Nourish me


With my Word

With my Light


Give each my love

That will give them sight


Into the wisdom

Of my Truth


Just one moment

Can change a life


Choose to love me

As I will always love you


See me

In every form


Send this love

From your purity


Radiate your love

To all humanity


This is neutrality

This is creation


To be with my Truth

When you love all


I know you are there

In my heart


You are so comforted

By my Truth


Be the strength

That I fill you with


Learn to feel comforted

By all that I create


Be with me

When you are with imperfection


See how I love

In every condition


I am all

Live this Truth



To my vibration


As you flow

Freely with me


The love you give

Will connect all


To perfection

To my true form


The wisdom

That I am there


With you always

To hold you dear


To fill your heart

With love to share


Every heartbeat

Is my heartbeat


Beat in unison

To be one with all



Sat Nam