03/02/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Allow the voice of Soul to radiate from you.

Sat Nam



03/02/2017 Tratakam

Change your voice

Change your words


If you are to follow

Then follow willingly


Give others a chance

Do not judge


What is in them

Is in all


To make another feel small

Is not for you to choose


Even if they are lost

Give them an opportunity to be found


Lead the way

To living with me


In my life

In my reality


Every moment

You should be


Let go of the life

That limits you


Follow the path

That I give to you


If you feel stuck

Turn around


See what I

Have given to you


If you listen

To what I give


Then you are free

To live as one


Always moving

Always flowing


With the earth

With the universe


I am the One

I give you life


To live

To feel its delight


Forget the routines

That humans created


You are to be

As I have made you to be


You are free

You are flowing


Your heart sings

As you walk with me


You do not follow

You lead


Because you believe

That I am all you need


You love life

Because you see me


In all that is there

In front of you


This is the life

That I want all to lead


As you live



Believe in you

Believe in your life


Life follows you

You make it so grand


So full of love

So full of energy


Everything you see

You see its wonder


You see me

You feel me


You receive me

As I receive you


How beautiful

Your life is


You have been blessed

With seeing the unknown


Believe in your life

Love yourself


I am the way

That you follow


Because you love

The way that I do


So freely

So fully


If you stay with me

Then you will lead


Let all pain go

Let all suffering go


What the universe

Has in store


Is what is already there

If you are willing to let go


Accept your life

Let go to be free


Receive your life

To feel alive


I fill you with my Light




Sat Nam