03/09/2017 Kirtan Kriya

There are no blocks when there is love.

Sat Nam



03/09/2017 Tratakam

You are free

To be



That you want to be


As long as your heart

Is with me


You can be everything

You can be nothing


You can be

With me


More alive

More aware


All the love

That the world can share


How can you

Believe in love


That can bring to you

A state beyond


Time and space

That affects none


A way of living

As one


Here in this moment

You can be


A single tear

That creates the ocean


Believe that life

Is a mystery


That is more grand

Than you understand


A breath

That is for all


One thing

That is shared by all


What you send out

Others take in


What you create

Creates for all


As you sit

Begin with life


Trust that living

Is my divinity


How else my child

Can you be


Without my ability

To deliver you


Into a world

That appears as time



That you can expand


Into a state

That is with me


Where no time

Can make you to choose


A life with me

Or a life without me





You can be

With me


Trust my loved one

Trust the wind


That lifts you

From this world


That brings you

To me


As you feel

So you will sing


A world

That is only me


You must believe

In every moment


Your heart

Is my purity


Your love

Is my love


You are the rhythm

That creates the pulse


Of my vibration

That others will become



Sat Nam