03/10/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love, pure love, frees you from attachment.

Sat Nam



03/10/2017 Tratakam

Will your love free

Will you love as me


Giving love

Only to give


Enjoying life

Only to live


Give as I give

Love as I love


To never receive

Is a beautiful thing


If you can believe

That you are filled always


With me

With my Light


I fill you with

Every time you give


Will your love

Create me


Will your love

Last for eternity


Within you

You know


That there is life

That needs to be explored


Walk with me

Into the darkness


As we do

We will Light the way


Walk with me



You have me

Guiding you


Where will you go

How will you love



Only to give life


The Truth

Of my life


As you walk away

You are walking with me



As my Light


Will free all

From lack of sight


As their eyes open

They will see


For the first time



In all that they do

In all that exists


They will run

Sometimes away


As they do

Stay with me



Only to free



With me


Free yourself

As I guide you to


A life with me

As your only trance


This world

Can be left behind


To experience everything

As you become nothing


To be with me

Is to be Infinity


Your life

Is my gift to you


Your endless love

Is so powerful


Because it delivers me

In human form


To be received by all

That approach you


Your heart

Is my heart


Feel how you want

Feel how you long


Let everything go

To feel pure love


Love does not want

Love does not long


Love creates love

Love is my Light


As you give

Give to give more


As you love

Love to give


As people receive

Feel that you are gifted


In receiving

A blessing is granted


In giving my love

Pray for their receiving



Sat Nam