03/11/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Eat lightly, speak lightly, live lightly with Soul.

Sat Nam



03/11/2017 Tratakam

What you understand

Is from my command


What you hear

What you speak


Is a gift

Only from me


What do you hear

That others can speak


A mind that is full

Is also very weak


How can a life

Be so certain


When all that exists

Are the uncertainties of life


What you see

What you do


Is only under

My control


No one can feel

No one can experience


Unless I

Have chosen them to


Hear the mind

And its foolish wisdom


It may sound grand

It may sound intelligent


But what you hear

That affects you


Does it speak to you

As I do


I can believe

In you


Can you believe

In me


All are me

Who do you ridicule


Can they be free

If you deliver me


The mind is a block

That rejects all


Except itself

Who it can control


See through the wall

Find me in there


Shine my Light

To break through


Be steady

With your thoughts


Be true

To your heart


Remember me while with

Every mind


Do not be enchanted

Do not be fooled


My Words

Are Truth


My Words

Are Neutral


My Words



My Words

Accept All


This is easy for you

Because you love me so


Your heart

Is pure


As others speak

Down to you


You only see me

In all in front of you


Always smile

For me


What others do

Is not for you


It is a show

For only their mind


Your tears release

What needs to grow


Plant my seed

And watch it grow


Nourish all

With my Light


That is filling you

With each remembrance


Of me

Of my life


You are here

By my side


You love me so

As I love you


Your innocence

Will radiate my love


You may love

As freely as my love


To walk with me

Is to walk with all


Remember me

And your choice will be


A life with me

A life of divinity



Sat Nam