03/12/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Relax and allow every aspect of you to be with Soul.

Sat Nam


03/12/2017 Tratakam

Feel lost

With me


Let go

Of what others say



To me



My hand


You are never separate

You are always one


With all creation

With all that you love


Simply walk

With me


Others will be

Able to see


The Truth

Of my life


Without hesitation

You will live


As I do

As my love


What others think

Give to me


I will listen

I will heal


Simply stay with me

In neutrality


I will decide

What others can hear


Simply stay with me

So that I can feel


The life I create

In human form


Allow me to reach

To new ones


The ones you meet

The ones you love


Be neutral with them

So that I can create


Be with me

When you are with them


You can become

An angel in human form


If all you do

Is remember me


You will deliver

What I fill you with


To the most stubborn of minds

I will combat with


My love

My light


This is for you

To remain steady


Relax into your prayer

Of being with me


You are with me

Believe this now


For when you doubt

The whole world falls


Stay within my grace

Speak to my face


As you see everything

That is presented to you


Speak with me

Love with me


As you are with all

They will experience me


Your love

Is the love that I fill you with


Your love

Is me


Give to others

What I give to you


The most graceful patience

The ability to listen



Listen to me


In all my forms

In all my human realities


Stay with my Truth

Stay with my reality


You will be

Free with me


Free from pain

Free from worry


You will listen

To be connected


To my Light

To my love


As you give

To what you receive


As you listen

Your steadiness will grow


As you listen

Your love will grow


For all life

To gift to all


My love

My Light


To give my love

Is my gift to you



Sat Nam