03/15/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Have patience for the life that Soul is guiding you towards.

Sat Nam



03/15/2017 Tratakam

Every aspect of life

Is life



Is what I create



Is your ability


To be




As I see



As I do


I am stillness

I am chaos


I am everything

That you see and do


What you experience

Is as I have created


For you

For all


You are as one

With all creation


Your experiences

Are my experiences


If your heart loves

Then my heart feels


Joy and pain



For I am love

Love is neutrality


When you live

Here with me


Then your heart is pure

You can experience anything



Your heart is pure


You live

To live for more





Of me

In all that you see


You enjoy life

So contagiously


Continue to live

As I do


You are my heart

You are my Soul


You are the wind

That carries my song


Singing along

As you live


How amazing

Your life can be


When you are still

And living within infinity



I am



You see


That my life

Is for all to be


Listen to my love

Feel how you are


When you are living

Pure of heart


Pure thoughts

Include all


The whole world

Will feel inside


My Light

That gives life


Life of love

Life of pure bliss


To be in my presence

While on earth


Is the state

That exists


If you believe

If you Trust


That everything you do

You are doing with me


I am there

I do not judge


I only feel

What you involve


With your presence

With your projection


Feel relaxed

That you are connected


As you live life

Live every moment


As a gift

Of my love


There are no limits

To what you can be



Is for you


As I create

I create for you


To love

To experience


From a place of purity

From a place of neutrality


You can be

Alive with me



Sat Nam