03/16/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love every Soul for it is you.

Sat Nam



03/16/2017 Tratakam

Others can be

What you want to be


Others can dance

As you wish to dance


See me

As you see them


Be happy

For their success



For their grace


For if you do

You see as I do


Walk with me

Enjoy everything


As it is

Is as I am


Let others understand

That you are there for them



Every single one


When you are

You are my Light


I do not discriminate

I do not hesitate


I am not jealous

I am not callous


I am only love

I am only Light


I belong

To everyone



Is my song


My life

Is to live


So that you

Can live too


The life

Given to you


Relax in your mind

Relax in your Soul


I am the love

In you


You are to grow

You are to sow


As you do

So will all


Accept the love

That you have for all


Accept my life

That I give to you


You are my heart

You are my dreams


You are the ocean

You are the sky


Live as I do

Live as everything


How far you will travel

In a blink of an eye


If you believe

That you are



You are me

If you Trust


Let go

Of everything


To be



This is so simple

You will see


That everything

Is nothing


As nothing

Is everything


The life I give you

Is the life for you


Enjoy it

Relax into it


Let others grow

See yourself


In their lives

As their Light


I fill you

With my Light


To share with all

Be this Light for all



Give my Light


Openly give

Openly receive


You are receiving

Every day


Return this Light

To all in sight


In your eyes

In your mind


Give to all

So that they will grow


The world needs

Only my Light


To reach

A new beginning


To become

A new creation


To live

As I do


Your love

Is my love


I will always

Be in your heart


When your eyes close

I am there too


As you sleep

You sleep safely


In my arms

You are held


Give with Trust

That I will give to you



For eternity


I give

With every breath


With every



Of my name

Is your love



Sat Nam