03/17/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Understand that the words you use create what is in front of you.

Sat Nam



03/17/2017 Tratakam

Where is your mind

Where is your control


Are you free

To walk on your path


Are you alive

Are you living


A life

That is graceful


With me

With my Light



Shall ever be


How can you dance

How can you sing


If you live your life

Without me


I can fill

I can empty


Anything you need

I deliver to you



As I do


See the unseen

Know the unknown



That you are me


I am in all

So I am in you


What you see

Is what I want you to


In a moment

Your eyes will close


Forever gone

Forever one with infinity


How will you know

Where your life will go



Your last breath


As every breath

That I give to you


Remember that breath

Savior that breath


That gives you life

That gives you me


Simply living

As I guide you to


You are not human

You are not a ghost


You are me

Live as me


Forget your identity

Forget your form


Live freely

With grace as your charm


I grant you life

I grant you living


Look as what I have seen

Through you


Oh my

What a wonderful thing


Life has been

Through your eyes


You have given me

Your life


Because I gave you



Remember me

In your thoughts



When you cannot


By listening

By breathing





You will connect

To your Truth


You will become

One with me



In your beginning


As my beginning

We shall be



In this world


Challenged by all

Affected by none



We are One


You and I

Are One


With all life

We choose none


Because we are



I give you

What you are to love


From neutrality

From my heart


To nourish

To cherish


As One

In living form



Sat Nam