03/18/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Soul is to be the only one that leads you in life.

Sat Nam



03/18/2017 Tratakam

All are apart

Of a spiritual community


If you believe

That all are me


Where am I

Where am I not


If you give

Yourself to me


I am in front of you

I am behind you


I am where

You will never be


Separate from me

If you choose to be


A life in love

With my reality


I have spoken

Have you heard


That all life is me

Regardless of form


How can love

Be none for some


I am completely

In love with all


I am your breath

I am so subtle


I fill you

With what you don’t see


Only listening

Can give you an experience


Of listening

To me


How can I be

For all


How can all

Be me


Let go of limitations

Let go of restrictions


Your need for control

Will keep you from wisdom


So many ways

You stay away from me


Let go of your thoughts

To become one with all


Let go of your breath

To be separate from all


Be as nothing

Be as everything


Can you believe

In your life with me


As a continuous rhythm

That keeps all united


In pure joy

Within my Light


Radiate my Light

That will attract all


As they near

They will fall


In falling

Their mind will resist


Be as me

In pure neutrality


Shine my Light

To those so close


Their Souls running toward

Their minds away


Shine my Light



Be as me



Radiating Light

Radiating Love


Being pure of thought

By thy grace


Be the strength

Of my Light


That completes the union

Of all



Sat Nam