03/19/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Life with Soul is life with All.

Sat Nam



03/19/2017 Tratakam

Return to me

Return to my love


When you fear

When you doubt


That love

Is for you


You give your life

To love all



That you are to receive


Love so great

Love so full


Of life

Of me


You can experience

Without hesitation


The love

In front of you


What I give

Is for you


I am giving

To you


Your feet

Will remain with me


Your love

Will remain in my heart


As you live

Your life on earth


I will live

Through you


Show me

My world


Through your heart

Of love


Bring tears

To my eyes


As my creation

Does to you


To experience life

From life


Is the gift

That I ask of you


I am your sky

I am your ground


As you step

You also fly


Your eyes




My infinite eyes


A world

That is only me


So many versions

So many choices


To be safe

As you explore


With wonder

With grace


In a state

That brings me


To ecstasy

From purity


These tears



My wisdom

To you


To bring humanity

To my heart


Your love of me

As I am you


Will create

As you and me



In congruency


Every form

Every trace


A world created

As you and I



All life


Full of love

In pure neutrality



As I am


Carry the wind

With the unseen


To the seen

My love


To the seen

My love


You are as

I am in you



Sat Nam