03/21/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be still within the silence of Soul.  Trust, as you walk in silence with Soul.

Sat Nam



03/21/2017 Tratakam

Where you can be

Is up to me


I can send

You anything


I send you



What you know

What you don’t


I have heard



What they hear

Is for me to know


Be as you are

In every moment


Relax your being

When you see


Something new

Something strange


It is me

In front of you


In a new form

In a new state


Feel my vibration

It is the same


In everyone

In everything


I am

What you need



To my life



That you are here


With me

Within my heart


Wherever you are

I am with you


Where are the stars

Just out of reach


Hold one

They are for you



Within reach



For all


Be free

From control


Of needing everything

To be the same



In the breath


That I deliver

As you are breathing


Where am I

Within this breath


Did you receive

The blessing


Realize now

How much you are granted


To be alive

To be free


To be aware

Of my creation


My life

Is there for you


To give you the experience

Of life’s magic


You are alive

Feel this now


How much love

You may know


I give to you

Within each breath


I fill you

With my life


You can become

The magic of my love


You already are

So present yourself


As you live

So you will create


To create love

With every thought


How beautiful

You like to see


Your smiles

Give to me


Your tears

Give to me


As you give

So you will receive


Remember me

With every breath


I am here

To be with you


Your abilities

Are mine


To share with you

While you can


Accept me

Into your heart


Be my love

My love


Gentle words

Will embrace



Will grant you grace



My love


To my vibration

In all that you see



When you are asked to be


Silent in your thoughts

Silent in your actions



To hear my Word


Sat Nam