03/22/2017 Kirtan Kriya

What is now, is Soul.  What was then, is a memory.  What will be, leave to Soul.

Sat Nam



03/22/2017 Tratakam

You will be

Happy with me


With life

With love


When you are free

Free from all


Never alone

Never lost


With me

In my heart


Without attachment

To human life


You will be

At my side


To see my world

In all


To feel my touch

In all creation


To hear my Word

In all songs


I am the One

Who writes every day


I am the One

To give you peace


Peace in your heart

As it is delivered by me


Is your gift

To explore


Gifts are alive

Gifts are life


Experience them

In full form


You are aware

Of these things


When you breathe

With me


In front of you

Is my creation


What will you do

Run away


Go to your gift

Bow to me


Receive my love

In this form


I give to all

Who receives


Those that live

With me


In their heart

In their words


They will be

Happy songbirds


I give to all

All are one


As you are me

I am all


Remember my love

With your new day


I give you the sun

To brighten your day


I give you the moon

To brighten your night


I give

You my Light


To brighten your Soul

To fill your heart


You are blessed

With each thought


Of my existence

Of my relation


To every form

To all creation


My love for you

Receive it


From me

From all


You are to receive

You are requested


To receive

What is given


You give



Now you must receive

What I give to you



All love



All thoughts





With thy strength

You will remain


In peace

In stillness


To remain neutral

With all you receive


You are pure love

To give to all


Receive what is returned

With my neutrality


To experience all

Is to love me



Sat Nam