03/24/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be as you are when you are breathing each breath as a gift of life.

Sat Nam



03/24/2017 Tratakam


As you are



With me



As you are



As me


You are to live



With every word

With every glance


Give to others

Your respect


That they are me

As I am them


Look at them

As I exist


Within the world

Within the earth


I am there

In all forms


Respect the stones

That you step upon


I am giving you

Your balancing ground


I am giving you

The platform


For which you are

To be connected to all


An earth so real

It can be felt and seen


Everywhere you are

There are examples


Of life

In all forms


Why are they there

What do they send


They deliver



To each human

Without strings


To give to you

The Truth in form


A connection so strong

Beneath your feet


You must love

What is real


In order to feel

What is unseen


I am seen

And I am unseen


To most

Life is casual


Life passes by

Without a single glance


At my beauty

That surrounds them


As you are

You see me in all


Every stone

Every blade of grass


I am before you

You bow to every sound


You listen to every gust of wind

As a message from within


To be heard by all

To feel loved by all


My presence

Is everything that exists


Your love

Creates my love


To be awake

While still living


Is to be alive

Within each moment


You are my heartbeat

You are my song


To be alive

Within my Word



Sat Nam