03/24/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Follow the footsteps that are the Light in front of you.

Sat Nam



03/24/2017 Tratakam

Where are your wings

Where are your words


When you are free

They are everywhere


You can look far

You can look forever


But you will never find

What is already within


When you find

Your ability


That is my life

Inside your being


I am your creation

I am your creator


I am the One

That has no form


When you walk

With me in your heart


You can see worlds

That appear apart


Feel the vibration

Of my being


When you speak

You must always listen


I am your voice

I am your words


Can you believe

That you represent me


I see everyone



All are not good

All are not bad


These simple words

For my life’s being


Above the constraints

Of the mind’s illusions


You will see

The reality of me


A person is nothing

Except a reflection


Of your projection

Of your words vibrations


Do you know

Can you trust



I am the One


You create

As I create you


What world you’re in

Only you will know


Who is familiar

Who is a stranger


What you see

Is it real or not


Your life

Has many dimensions


How many you see

Is up to me


Or you

And your mind’s limitations


So many rules

If you do not know


That my reality

Is completely free


From your life

From your reality


Anything you think

Is not what I am


I am not a show

I am not a dance


I am not a wizard

That gives you a second chance


You are the One

You are my creation


How would I treat

My own image


You live

As you breathe


You breathe

Because I give to you


My life is pure

My life is grand


Of everything

That you don’t understand


Because you look

Everywhere for me


Except in your heart

Where only I can be


Alive in your heart

Alive in your being


Every cell

Represents me


My Light illumines

Your walk with me


I am the guidance

That you feel in the distance


I am the step

That you sometimes hesitate


Because you let go

And give to me


As you trust

So you will be


In a world

That is beyond the trees


A world

Where love exists


As a reality

As the only existence


Your heart



In sync with mine

You can feel them


Together as one

Speaking my Word



Sat Nam