03/26/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Begin each day as Soul.

Sat Nam


03/26/2017 Tratakam

Are you alive

Are you real


Is this life

To feel


Every emotion

Every touch


In front of you

Behind the veil


Of simple knowledge

You will find wisdom


Of my Truth

In my Word



To be heard


By my glance

By my will


You will live

As I have walked


In a world

Where all command


Their mind to be

In command


A second life

That seems so real


In illusions

Do we understand


That what is there

Is not a chore


What is there

Is my hand


As you leave

You will enter


The first life

The only life


That you have

Is with me


My life

Is your breath


You are all

In every land


Only one

As I am the One


The reality

Of unlimited eyes


Is my only sight

That is there


In front of you

Within you


Quieten the mind

Release control


Let you be

Free from all


To understand

Is to be gifted


With my wisdom

In words so small


To describe vastness

Creates confusion


What is all

Is also one


What is

Is the question


What appears as need

Is control


To be the show

That pleases you


Is the ocean

In which you drown



In no understanding


That you believe

Is what makes you grow


Take my hand

Let go


Merge with all

To know all


All are you

You are all


You are me

As the One


Only a single Soul

Is my Truth


When you trust

You are lifted


Into my arms

Of pure wisdom


That all is love

All are my love



Sat Nam