03/28/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be free with your emotions.  Experience them.  Love them.  Learn from them.  Simply stay neutral them.

Sat Nam



03/28/2017 Tratakam

If you feel loved

In all that you do


You are aware

You know


That all the wisdom

Is inside of you


You know

That I am you


I make you cry

I make you sing


I make you believe

In everything


Your gently touch

Your smooth transition


Into my world

You will always listen


To my Word

To feel the world


All their pain

All their reactions


To be healed

Through my love


To create

A new world


With my touch

Of compassion


You are the key

To the world within


Where you live

Is always with me


Bring yourself

To attention


To believe in you

Is your mission


Your heart is full

Of my love


You never need

You only bow


To your wisdom

That you know


You have everything

You have me


With every thought

With every breath


You connect to what

Is necessary


To feel alive

To experience Truth


That I am your love

I am your life


I give you everything

Thank you


For receiving me

Without hesitation


You are my Truth

You are my child


To teach the world

That all are my children


My love

In every form


To heal

Is to acknowledge


That you are loved

You are loved


With every breath

I embrace you


Heal your mind

Release your limitations


When you are whole

Your life fully ripened


You will have gratitude

You will have grace


All your actions

All your thoughts


Will be unlimited

Will be free


To give my love

To all



To all



Is experienced


When you no longer control

A world that is unlimited


Forgive yourself

Forgive the world


To be One

To be my love



Sat Nam