03/30/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love the life that Soul gives to you.

Sat Nam



03/30/2017 Tratakam

How can you

Turn away


When you are blue

When you are swoon


By the ghosts

Of yesterday


What is your Truth

What is real


When you believe

That you are lost


All that happens

Is not always a test


Life is living

Life is always changing


What has happened

What will happen


Leave to me

Let your life continue


Believe in the thoughts

That you are safe


In my arms

You will always be


You need nothing

Except my Light


What I give

Accept without fright


Have joy for what I give

Is a gift of pure love


You can be happy

You can be free


If you allow

Your life to be


Full of Truth

Full of trust


That what I give

Is for your heart


To be full

To be complete


I give to you

I give love neutrally


My life for you

Is always the truth


That you are to follow

That you are to see


Accept the world

As I allow you to see it


Pray for your heart

To be open with me


Pray for your Soul

To be present always


Pray for your ability

To be kind


To yourself

To all


Be the One

To all


With humility

You will carry your life


Into circumstances

That need my grace


You can be brave

You can be strong


To live a life

To be with me



Is not possible


For you are always

In my arms


You live

As I give you life



Feel full


Empty yourself

With each exhale


Of what is to be released

Of what is needed no more


Let go

Of everything


Then you will realize

How much you receive


Because you can

Release as well





Breathe consciously

With me


The one who receives

My breath



My Love



Sat Nam