03/31/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Begin each day with forgiveness of yesterday.  Begin each day with gratitude for another opportunity to be your Truth.

Sat Nam




03/31/2017 Tratakam

Each day

You spend with me


You are released

From your life


That you see

As without me


To be alone

Is to be confused


Of your Truth

Of your true reality


Life is me

In every breath


Life is always

With me


As life speaks

Hear my Word


In every form

In front of you


You have no need

You have no desires


You only see me

In every form


Be as the wind

Fly with me


To places

That are unknown


I see the unseen

I am the unseen


Everything you do

I have created for you


You are the life

That I give to you


What is there

What troubles you


Is what you choose

To keep from me


In my heart

Is your life


In my breath

Is your life


Only with love

Do you feel my love


I have been

Everywhere unknown


I have created all

In different form


To be the life

That I create


Is the simple test

That you have chosen


Be grateful

For what you are


Is perfect to me

Is my only love


You are my Word

You are my song


You are the Light

That frees all


From the darkness

That is unseen


You can see

Because you are with me


Closer each day

You merge with me


To cease to exist

In limited form


To begin to live

As my life


You breathe

To receive me


You love

To give me


You exist

To create me


Your growth

Is happening


Do not deny it

Realize it



The past of unripeness


You have blossomed

You have produced


A life of fullness

A life of my Light


To be fully present

With me as you


You have become

Your remembrance of me


Every word

Every action


That you do

You do with me


Represent me then

When you are with me



In every state


Be as I am

In your heart



Sat Nam