04/07/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love is without thought.  Love is pure neutrality.

Sat Nam



04/07/2017 Tratakam

The simple things

Make your heart sing


Anything complicated

Is not needed


As you feel

Release to me


What is not needed

What is not real


I am your life

I am your breath


I am that

Which gives





A world

Of thoughts


Be as the rhythm

That keep you moving


Into the unknown

With me



The simple things



The complex things


Let everything go

To be with me


You are perfect

As you are born


You are everything

When you feel me


In your heart

You will sing


When you hear

As I speak


To the world

Of my peace


A world where all



To the wind

To the earth


Everything speaks

Can you hear


What I send

Is for all


To be shared

To those in doubt


Of a world

That can be me


This world

Is my love



That I am in all



That I love


Capture the mind

Set the heart free


To live

To breathe


All that you need

All that you need


Is simply

To be with me



Sat Nam