04/09/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Live from the Soul of the one in front of you.

Sat Nam



04/09/2017 Tratakam

Life can be simple

Life can be sweet


If you receive

All that you are given


With what is bad

And what is good


Could you believe

In a world of love


The tides have risen

Without a float


It is up to you to swim

Through the doubt


To be with me

In the ocean of life


Is a dream

Of so many


As you realize

That you are not alone


One by one

You will become many


Until all that are

Will simply exist


As I am

As one


So many believe

That happiness is me


Believe in their hearts

Even if they don’t sing


Trust my love

Resides in all


It does

If you see through


All the misery

All the hate


There I am

Full of grace


In every human

In every form


I am there

Waiting for you


I never leave

I never hide


I simply wait

For you to see


That I love you

As I love all


You are as beautiful

As every glimmer


Of my Light

That is pure love


I am the creator

Of trust and doubt


I will take

Just as I give


Live with joy

That you are alive


See the ones

That are there to project


As a gift from me

This is a gift


To send love

Where you are troubled


To send my Light

Where you see nothing


Believe in me

Trust my love


Remember my Word

As you carry on


In a life of unknowns

Know me


In all that you do

In all that you see





I can hear

Your hidden words


I can fill

All your voids


If you believe

That I am every crease


So much more

Than you have explored



To be your grace


The world will know

As you are listening


That my love

Is willed to grow


Into the world

You shall go


To bring my love

To all



By remembering me



Sat Nam