04/10/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Give to receive the blessing of being given the opportunity to give.

Sat Nam



04/10/2017 Tratakam

Is it the time

To begin


A new life

That is unseen


Follow the dreams

Of the One inside


That you are me

In human form


In the shadows

You see the Light



And in full sight


Bring forth

This image


For it is my Truth

It is my image



Your heart



In my arms


The time has come

For you to start


A new beginning

For my world



Be here with me


Feel the words

That have no form


They are as real

As you and I


They are my Word

In vibrations form


All the songs

To sing to you


Fill your heart

With what is mine


For all to feel

For all to know


A world



In full form

Of unspoken Words


The possibilities

Are new to all


The love

Of living


The love

Of life


In all hearts



With full strength

In the forefront


To lead the way

Through the storm


Of change

Into true life



Without leading



As your feet choose


To follow

Your heart


Where I live

To be


With all

Creating life


As a way

To experience


The collective

That I am


In one form

As the One


All will lead

With each breath


As I am One

You are none



To lead my way


To follow

My Word


Without thought

Without worry



To my Light


Filled with trust

Because you feel


Every vibration

That has no form


Is filling you

To guide you


To my love

To my reality


That you are

As I have chosen


To bless you

With my glance



Sat Nam