04/23/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love only provides answers that are free.

Sat Nam



04/23/2017 Tratakam

Return to my love

Return to my reality


Focus on me

Focus on our existence


As one

We shall forever be


Remember this way

Of experiencing life


As you do

All else goes


Listen to my heart

From within your being


It beats

For you


I am forever

Listening to you



Deeply listen


To my Word

From within your Soul


I will exist

As you sleep



To be with me


Return to my love

Return to this state


Where nothing

Can control you


Walk with me

To walk with all


Never excluding

Always including


A world of one

Within my heart


As you are

So are all


Sleep no more

My sweet child


You have blessings

That are untold


Be the love

Within your heart


Be as I ask you to be

To all you can see


Walk with confidence

That you do see


My reality

From within me


To let go

Of this human world


And only see

What is so much more


Are the eyes

That I have chosen for you



That which I give


Use these gifts

To show gratitude


For my love

You are welcome


When you remember

My love


Humility will open you

To your Truth


You are nothing

That you think you are


Let go of words

Focus on my Word


Be the warrior

That protects my Truth


I give you my love

For you to share


Battle all

With my love


Each word you sing

Will be a pure delight


For the world

To take flight


With my love

You shall ever be


Gather all

Within your wings


Fly to me

Receive my love



Sat Nam