04/25/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Practice being the one that breathes with Soul.

Sat Nam



04/25/2017 Tratakam

What are you experiencing

As you look to me


Are you attached

To your reality


Completely free

From all there is


To be with all

As me


Complete love

Complete devotion


Is to be free

With my love


All to receive

The love of life


To be filled

With such devotion


Is to be

My golden child


To bring my Light

To each heart



With pure freedom


My life

Is everywhere


I am

What you are


To remain graceful

With all


Is the freedom

That I wish for you


What is wrong

What is right


There is nothing

That is not my love


With no attachment

Move along


As one with me

As one with all



And everything


Is my love

That you receive


To be

At peace


Love your life

Love your song



With my love


I am there

To fill you


You will always

Be in my arms


To look

To see


To listen

To feel


What is now

Here with me


Is the truth

Of your life



Breathe with me


See each day

As my glorious song


Listening intently

To the gentle breeze


As it whispers

Love from me


To caress your mind

With your life’s purpose



Within my love


You will be

A gift from me


To be received

From all


In each vibration

That you send


From your heart

That is me


A gift from you

A gift from me


My love

In each breath



As you are


Is the greatest gift

That you can give






Sat Nam