04/26/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be as the One that Lights your way.

Sat Nam



04/26/2017 Tratakam

Could you be

Loved by me


Will you allow

Your heart to feel



By all


As I am

You shall be


If you believe

That your heart is me



What is given


Leave your fear behind

To experience


A new world

That has always been





For the one

That will love



To love everyone


Feel my blessings

Showering you


Shine your radiance

As you know


It will bless

As I do


As you focus

Your love on me


Give to others

Set them free


By receiving them

You receive me


As they love

Welcome freely


As they take

Bless lovingly


As I do

You shall too


To be as one

Is to be



The One


Be the radiance

That gives


Never ending love

That is never hidden


In its full glory

That is so confident


It represents

Pure neutrality


Without faltering

Without hesitating


Only my Truth

Only my Word


Freely walking

Openly singing


Creating love

In every form


So you are

A gift to all


Receive all

As the gifts they are


A moment in Infinity

Will bring to all


The point of stillness

That hears every call


Of my vibration

That will prevent any fall


Created by the mind

Will be nonexistent


Become my love

Become my grace


I already give to you

What you need



To be my love



To be graceful



To give my Light



To give my sight


You are to be

As I give to you


You receive from me

Only to give me


Your humility

Will allow you to receive


Your love of me

Will give you the ability


To listen

To deeply listen


To my wisdom

To my wishes


For you to be

A love so great


That it can give

My love


That it can receive

My love


From neutrality

To experience


My Truth

My living reality



Sat Nam