04/27/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love can see all that can be seen through the eyes of neutrality.

Sat Nam



04/27/2017 Tratakam

I am the only One

You are to lead


Into the darkness

To shine my Light


You will be

In front of me


I will be




With my Light


Every footstep



As if you are

Protecting me


Live with this life

As a gift from me


To enter into the fields

Of trouble and turmoil


That are created

By one’s mind


That is created

By me


To defend me

Against me


What can be

Other than love


Lead with my Light

Lead with love


You are walking

Amongst me


As you open your heart

To a new reality


You will only see

My love


You are full

Don’t wait for more


What do you need

If you have me


Filling your heart

Filling your being


With all my love

With my greatest Light



Remember me


When you have forgotten

My world vanishes



To see through my eyes


My breath

I give to you


Open yourself

To receive


What you already are

As you are me


My vibration

A portal to wisdom


That all life

Is my vibration


So simple

How can it be


Once you begin

To see me


You see me

In everything


I am your smile

That you have forgotten



Allow me to lift you


Into my arms

Forever you shall be


When you breathe



Read my Words

To become one with me


Read my Words

To accept all


I love all

As I love you


My Truth

Will unite all


For all are one

As I am the One


My Word

Is the only vibration


Leave the illusion

Of right and wrong


Live with the love

That comes from the trees


So content

In each day


To simply receive

My Light from above


So grateful

On a blessed day


To eagerly receive

My tears from the rain


Still yourself

Receive my Truth


So full

So much love



Allow yourself to feel


My Truth

Through my silent Word



Sat Nam