10/16/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Walking alone, seeing the world, from a place, that is everyone, will unite, everyone.

Sat Nam


10/16/2017 Tratakam

Become an understanding

That brings you peace


An entire world

From past and present



On your fingertip


Watch its wonder

Feel its presence


All that ever was

Sitting with you now



That has been my own


With all




To the vibration


That is created

By you


When you listen

To my presence


When you see

As I see


Fill your presence

With my presence


Every moment

A drop


Calmly soothing

To return to the sea


A moment of one

To become Oneness


How can you know

When will you see


That I am

In front of you


Sitting with you

Giving you breath


The entire world

Sitting with me know



Through me


See all

Through me


I am with them

I will always be


See each one

Realizing my presence


The entire world

In a single moment


Sitting with me

Receiving my breath



As One



Be brave



My presence


As you listen

To my Word



A moment


To listen

To my Word



Through my love


That what you see

Can realize me


If you believe

That you are with all


Challenge the moment

Be my love



Seeing my Truth


Sat Nam