10/17/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Create the vibration of love.

Sat Nam


10/17/2017 Tratakam

If you can be

The love that you feel


If you can be

The love that you are



With me





Gracefully speaking

As I do


Live from your heart

Live from my Truth


All that is

Is what I do


What can be

Is what you choose



As my love



As my Word


What you choose

Will be my love


How you live

Will be to love


What you are

You already know


Loving all

Seeing all


As I do

You walk


As I do

You speak


What you see

Send my love


As you speak

You create


Speak of love

Speak of peace



Only to hear my Word


You can

Because you love


The moment you live

At peace within


You will become



Your Truth

My Truth


Your heart

That is my love


The entire world

Filled with my love


Showered by my Light

That you send


Humbly give

To give


What you have

Is inside you


What you need

Is inside you


What you are to be

Is my being inside you



When you run



When you are still



With every breath



Sat Nam