10/21/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Your Truth is understood by you.

Sat Nam


10/21/2017 Tratakam

If you love



Walk with me

Take in my breath



You are with me


See the world

As I see you


A shining Light

With my sight


I see

Through all eyes


I am

As all are


What you see

Is what you get


Remember me

I am your life


You will become

As you place your feet


Will you walk

Within my gait


Or will you travel

To places unknown


To your mind

That keeps you


From my life

From my being



With me now


So much to see

So much to do


Take the time

To live as I do


Within my space

There is so much more


Beckoning you near

Is to prevent your fall


When you walk

With my heart


You fly

To each place


That is the day

That may never be


You live

With all of me


Falling with me

Is creating your wings


Your grace

From within me


See my love

See each trace


For all lead

To me


When you feel

Feel with me


When you remember

To live


Is when you live

With my breath


On your tongue

As a gift from me


Seeing the day

As I create


A world

Within your being


So much to experience

When you remember me


Without movement

Without sound


You will experience

All that can be found


Silently listening

Always remembering


My love

Is your being


Walking with me

Take your time


Patience with me

Is of a new kind


Create each word

From my Word



To stand


By my side



Hand in hand

My love


Supporting you

Filling you


My Light

So happy to be


Radiating from you

Because you feel


My Truth

Is All



Sat Nam