10/22/2017 Kirtan Kriya

What creates your day is your decision.

Sat Nam


10/22/2017 Tratakam

A voice that projects

Without a sound


Is my voice

That projects my Word



Listen to your sound


Deep within

Find You


What do you hear

How does it feel


To be at home

With You



You can be


The one

That walks with me


As you sing



Your focus

Is always projected


Your projection

Is felt


By you

By all


Create love

Create gratitude


For what you have

Look and see


Remind yourself

That you have me


Along your side

You can be


Both of us



What we think

How we feel



If you choose



With me


All alone

Is for no one


Walking alone

Is walking with me


Leaving behind

A world with no sight


To be with me

Is to be full


Of reverence

For your life


Of gratitude

For my presence


Within you

A full experience


So much

To feel loved


As you live

You will project



With me


Allow my love

To penetrate you



On what is


My life

Living as You


Sat Nam