10/25/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be silent and listen to the day.

Sat Nam


10/25/2017 Tratakam

Get up

Try again


Look now

At how you are



Is gone



Is only a dream


Be what you are




To be free


While containing

What is moving


I am within you

I attract what needs


My love

My blessings


All the elements

Within one moment


Balancing each other

To feed the other


What you know

What you feel


Be with

Be in silence with



Will express my Word


You feel need

When you search


For what is there

In front of you


Each day

Present to me


How to serve

My love



Look for my gift


It is there

Can you receive it


I am close

To being





In every heart

In every cell


Within me

Is your love


Grow your love

With your prayer


To bless each moment

That distracts you


Take each moment

To bless what is in sight


Giving my eyes

Filling my heart


Opening your heart

Creating my opportunity


To be present

Within you


As you fill

You empty


Giving my presence

Giving everything


As you sit

In silence


With your word

To speak my Word


With your thoughts

To create my thoughts


Bringing forth

The you that is me


Being silent

In order to be


Being silent

In order to heal





To be

My expression


Sat Nam