10/26/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in your Light.  You do radiate when you believe in yourself.

Sat Nam


10/26/2017 Tratakam

Do you believe

Are you real


When you are nothing

When you are with me



That you are everything


Each individual

Is One


What you dislike

You are


What you love

You are


Approach each dislike

With love


Send love

To create love


Vibrate my presence

To create my wisdom


Approach everyone



With your grace

With your humility


Accept their disgrace

Receive their vanity


Bow your head

Drop to your knees


You are receiving

With me


You see darkness

You feel ignorance


Because you have been blessed

By me


What others do

They do not know


Be neutral

Allow me to be


Only I

Can change anyone


I create

I choose


You are nothing

Without my love


You live

Because I give to you


Have you realized

That you are at fault too


I am perfect

I am everything


I take you along

Because I decided to


Love what you see

It is not for you


It is for me

It is for my eyes


Love all the good

That is in your life


Relax and be still

With what disturbs you


Send it to me

Send it me


What you think

Is what you will send


Change your ways

Change your vibration


Be powerful

Be all mighty


Be the one

That can be neutral


Be the one

That is humble


Be the one

That can love





Life is good

Life is bad


Life is full

Life is empty


Simple words

Focus on my Word



With expansion



With Infinity


Open your wings

And fly


You have wings!

I gave them to you!


Use them

They need to be used


Remember them

They are your awareness


They give you flight

When others have none



To shower all


With my love

With my vibration


Sat Nam