10/28/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Follow the dreams of the world.

Sat Nam


10/28/2017 Tratakam

Running the streets

To run abroad



To feel that you are alive


Being still

Will give you more


Be your silence

Give your mind peace


What you speak

Is what you create


Does the fool of hearts

Have a closed heart


Being free

Is being open


With me

With all


What they say

Does not matter


If you love

Then love


If you give

Then give


What they think

Will be forgotten


What they feel

Will be never ending



Be who you are


In a moment

You will cease


To be alive

Receiving my breath


Be now

Live now


How you feel



Be the one

That gives


With your heart

Open to love


You will receive

Even from a fool



Because you live



Because you give


An opportunity

To give


Is an opportunity

From me


If you receive

Then give thanks


For what you have

You can see


What you have

You can hear


What you have

You can feel


Feel with my presence

Feel pure neutrality


What takes you far

Far from me



Strengthen yourself


With me

With my love


Accept the challenge

To face what challenges


If you are a fool

Then be one with me


How many people believe

In me


How many people trust

In me


How many remember



Two fools we are

So let it be


Be full

Because you are with me


In my presence

Because you see


That what I am

Is everything


Be a fool

Create its word


Define it

Change it


A fool’s capability

Is what you think



What you are to be


If an open heart is foolish

Then accept what you are


Your heart is open

Face each judgement


You love

So be it


I created you

To love


I created you

To accept


I created you

To be You



Sat Nam