10/29/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love each moment that creates changes.

Sat Nam


10/29/2017 Tratakam

What do you want

What do you need


To create



Who cares

Other than me


I deliver

Every breath


Take care of You

As I take care of You


You are important

You are blessed


When you are far

You are still near



Each moment





What you are

Is my everything


I create the day

That gives you life


Enjoy the fluctuations

That make you cry


I am neutral

I give to all


What is there

Is for all


Believe in your life

As I am creating you


See the solution

That is inside you


I am

Your everything


Look to me

For everything


I will solve



I will soothe

Every thought


I will fill

Every heart


If you remember

My love


Focus your mind

On my love



My love



My love


With every sense

Experience my love


Let everything go

Become my love


Sat Nam