11/01/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Start with Soul.  Stay with Soul.  Be silent with Soul.

Sat Nam


11/01/2017 Tratakam

An illusion

To be


Without me

Without love


Each one

Is me


Be with their love

Be as One


For when you doubt

Your love is gone


The world can be

As you wish it to be


If you dare

To believe


You can believe

Believe me


Your ability to create

You must believe in


You already are

See what you did


Your life

Is your creation


I walk with you

I see with you


Every word

Every thought


Do you choose

Do you notice


I am your love

I am your wisdom


I give to all

To help them


Look where you are

See where others are


Be as one

Although so different


You can

If you believe


Believe in my love

Believe in my abilities


So much to be

Be free


I am your tears

I am your shouts


See them as me

To make them disappear


Transforming them

Into my love


My Word creates

My Word transforms


Enjoy my love

Give it a chance


What feels lost

Is being kept alive by you


What is past

What is future



If you live present


Focus on now

To believe


That your being changes

When you are present


Everything seen

Everything felt





If your experience

Is only the present


Believe in my Word

Believe in your strength


Focus on this moment

As you listen


Change each focus

From self to all


What are you

To each one


A moment of Light

A moment of peace


When you focus

On being loved


Sat Nam