04/06/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Understand the current moment.  Listen to Soul.

Sat Nam


04/06/2018 Tratakam

A moment

Is near



By all


My life

To be born


In a life

To love all


Be present

With me now


In your stillness

My life can come near



Than ever before


Be still

When all draw near


Be still

Create my flow


My pure flow

My life


An imaginary world

With borders created by the mind


Break them down

Be my stillness


The mind’s roar

Is of human kind


The mind’s fluctuations

Caught in the human vibration


Break through

Now is the time


So many

That reach so near


Create my stillness

When you feel an explosion inside


Create my stillness

Transform every human vibration



With me



An opportunity


For the world

To be blessed with me


My life

In human form


To create me

Is to be me



By myself


Sit now

Sit down your mind


Teach it

To be your Truth


Train it

To be your wisdom


Love it

Make it feel safe



Where nothing is seen



Through my stillness


Approach each

As they approach you


The largest and the smallest

See each the same


Eliminate differences

With your mind


Care for each

Reach out your hand


Deliver my Light

Through purity of mind


My stillness

Sacred purity



That allows my Truth to be known


Physical symptoms

From the greatest vibrations


Believe in your strength

Transform them with my vibration


My vibration

Inside you


Opening your heart

Opening to release my pure form



To the eyes



To my eyes


Give the gift of my sight

Give my life to all



Sat Nam