04/08/2018 Kirtan Kriya

When you react, run to the One.  Run until your reactions have been healed by the One.

Sat Nam


04/08/2018 Tratakam

My voice

In a pure vibration


My voice

Radiating my Light


To be alive

Is to be born


My creation

Is my vibration


All are One

Feel my Truth


Dedicate your humility

To my voice



To your commitment


Have patience

With Infinity


As you speak

Release my sound


A gift of love

From within


Surrender your identity

Serve your life


Each life

A unique sound


Each my vibration

Each a unique vibration


Create Oneness

Realize that all are One


Listen to my Word

See what is found


Begin your day

With love



When you wake



Before you sleep


Clean your mind

Teach it my Truth


Simple thoughts

Of dark and light


Eliminate all

Heal all


My Light

Loves all


My breath

Is received by all



Feeling my love


With each breath




When there is judgement



When there is hate



Give life to all



To release your heart


As you forgive

You remember my love


My Truth

Present within



Neutrality in motion


Healing all

Giving to all


My life

Through your humility


Sat Nam