04/09/2018 Kirtan Kriya

To lead the mind, to train the mind, to nurture the mind, silence the mind.

Sat Nam


04/09/2018 Tratakam

Hear each beat

Of my heart








Your mind

Is to serve


Your mind

Is not to lead


Your mind

Is to connect you to me


From the earth

To the heavens



Do not be mistaken


You live

Everywhere with me


Your mind contains

An experience


What this is

Is more than magic


Not to be understood

Not to be questioned


You live everywhere

With me


Your feet

Appear on the ground


The mind creates

Every illusion for you


Your weight

You are weightless


Your shape

You are shapeless


Let go of form

Let go of confinements


They are soothing

They keep you safe


These are the minds thoughts

Quiet the mind


Train the mind

Serve your higher purpose


Connection so far

Because it is inside you


Train the mind

See far as near


Train the mind

To reveal my Truth


The mind sees

What you do not


The mind experiences

What you do not


The mind hides



Keeping you safe

Is releasing you


Release yourself

To me


Let go of your identity

To me



Choose movement



In pure silence


My love



Sat Nam