04/11/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Release the unknown.  Awaken the known from within.

Sat Nam


04/11/2018 Tratakam

Every eye

Sees you


Every eye

Is seen through you


Carry all

With a single breath



To protect your heart


Awaken now

Feel your love


My love

Within you


My love

That creates this world


This life

Is a gift



Breathe with me


You will live

As I will you to


You can be alive

In every cell



As I do now


You see

Open your eyes


Closing your eyes

Closing your heart


Will only delay

What needs to start


You have seen

You have felt


What needs my love

Remember my love


In each one

Is my love


Look beyond

Feel with neutrality


My love

Is what exists


My love

Is each form



To release your tiredness



To feel refreshed


Trust my love

Feel your breath


I will live

As You believe


Every world

Is simply me



All thoughts



That I am here


Give your life

To what your heart believes


Surrender your will

Allow your heart to lead


Sat Nam