04/14/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Allow the voice of neutrality to lead.

Sat Nam


04/14/2018 Tratakam

The voice of reason

Creating every doubt


Listen closely

To the voice that scares


Ripping through time

Searching for nowhere


Find your feet

To see your lives


So much despair

Created by hope


Live now

Leave this cycle behind


To every life

There is One path


Are you walking

With me now


Create your vision

See your Truth



With both feet


In simple form

Greatness can be found


My life

Existing through faith


Run to your fears

Run with me


As we run

You will see


That everything

Is simply me



When joy appears


Out of the darkness

That was never there


Your hand

Gently held


Giving you freedom

From your form


We are One

Trust each difference


Enjoy the Ones

That appear so far


They are with me

They are me


Remember Trust

In the form of my love


Each experience

That I gift to you



With humility


See my wisdom

Solving every riddle


Remember my Word

That seems to exist nowhere


As you begin

You will begin



With my love


Every word

Every thought



With my love


Sat Nam