04/21/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in the healing power of neutrality.

Sat Nam


04/21/2018 Tratakam

To believe in life

Is to believe in your life


To heal

Is to believe in healing



To my love



To realize my wisdom


Your being

Is an extension of me


For every upset

There is a path



Of detachment


Free yourself

Heal through wisdom


My wisdom

That guides you through this life



From others



From yourself


You are more

Than you allow to see



To realize my Truth



Through my sacred neutrality


A state of being

Free from all



With my love


A world

Within each cell


Do you realize

That you know nothing


You can heal

The entire world


Look within

Free each cell


From each illusion

That the mind holds on to


Your body

Is neutral


Your Soul

Is neutral


Command your mind

Train it to be neutral


You are a Teacher

A student of mine


Teach your mind

Connect it to me


My Truth

Is the only way


To be gifted

At being humble



Created by neutrality


When you are humble

Your mind serves you


Calming each cell

Visit each one


Within you

Is everything


You are

My everything


I give to you

My Light


I give to you

My love


Sip my neutrality

From each breath


Silently listen

To each silent cry


Send my love

To heal each tear


Each one

Is my child


Within you

I have placed everything



Give what I have given


Each experience

Is a sacred tool


From my wisdom

You must bless my world


Sat Nam